Adults & senior citizens

It is our pleasure to offer you guided tours of the castle for groups of 10 or more (up to 30 people per group).
Please book in advance. For each tour, there is an additional charge per person on top of the cost of admission.

Choose from the following themed tours:

Knights, fortified walls, rulers – all things that today make us think of a mediaeval castle. But who was actually allowed to build castles? What were they for? What was life really like in a mediaeval castle?

On this tour, the group is accompanied into the main body of the castle and told all the key facts about how it came to be built, its structure and everyday life at the mediaeval Falkenstein Castle.

Timeabout 45 to 60 minutes
Surcharge for guide2 euros per person in addition to admission fee
Concessions1.50 euros

This tour is especially suitable for school trips.

Dip into almost 900 years of history, learning interesting and useful facts about the castle’s construction, its inhabitants and life at Falkenstein.

On special request, the tour can focus on a special topic such as the “Sachsenspiegel” or “Falkenstein in the 19th century”.

Timeabout 60 to 90 minutes
Surcharge for guide3 euros per person in addition to admission fee
Concessions2.00 euros


Franziska Buschbeck
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