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The Selke Valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Saxony-Anhalt. Nature and architecture rarely come together in such harmony as they do here, with Falkenstein Castle, one of the most impressive castles in the Harz region, towering high above the river Selke.

The building has stood the test of time since the 12th century. The castle and the Counts of Falkenstein are closely linked to the writing of the “Sachsenspiegel”, the most important German-language law book of the Middle Ages. In recent decades, the historical castle buildings have undergone extensive renovation, including the castle chapel, the late Gothic Old Kitchen and the Knights’ Hall.

The royal chambers are used as a setting for civil marriage ceremonies. The eventful history of the castle and its inhabitants can be experienced in over 30 exhibition rooms on an area of some 1,000 m2. The highlight is the keep: in fine weather, the breathtaking view from its observation platform reaches across the Selke Valley as far as the Brocken Mountain.


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