We offer the following activities for family outings and other occasions:


Dress up as a proud knight or noblewoman and parade through the castle with your entourage; dine on a great feast in the kitchens as knights would have done, or go treasure-hunting in the rooms of the castle, solving tricky puzzles – that’s how to celebrate your birthday at Falkenstein Castle! Includes a little task during which the birthday child and guests do creative crafts. This activity is aimed at birthday girls and boys (aged between 6 and 12) plus their parents and guests. The minimum number of participants is 4 and the maximum 12.

Timeabout 180 minutes
Cost50 euros per group in addition to admission fee

(additional costs for materials, ingredients etc. may apply depending on the activity and booking)

Under guidance, the whole family can cook in the Old Kitchen, taking on the role of cooks, kitchen boys or maids. Ingredients are to be brought with you as agreed beforehand. Cooking utensils are provided. This activity is aimed both at families with children (age 10 and up) and at small groups of up to 12 people.

Timeabout 240 to 300 minutes
Cost50 euros per group in addition to admission fee

Does not include the cost of the ingredients to be brought with you.

Falkenstein Castle is enshrouded in darkness. But here and there, lights flicker past the windows. Are the castle ghosts on the prowl? Ghosts? Who believes in them? It’s children with their parents and grandparents, exploring the castle with flashlights. The cellars, the chapel and sacristy, the Knight's Hall and the dungeons in the keep are cloaked in shadow and tell their own stories. From time to time, we enter the realm of myth and legend. The evening tour is aimed both at families with children (age 6 and up) and at individual visitors. Up to 20 people may take part in each tour. Only available with prior booking. A flashlight is required. Warm clothing is recommended.

Note: the evening tours are on fixed dates and cannot be booked at other times. The next available dates can be found here

Timeabout 120 minutes
Cost10 euros per person
Ermäßigt7 euros


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